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Look at that smile! If you only knew this was after about 45 minutes of him screaming his cute little head off.

My husband and I are not the couple that gets professional photos taken of themselves….ever, really. We did not have engagement photos. However, we did have a photographer at our wedding who did a fabulous job. On our honeymoon one of my best friends bought us a romantic dinner on the beach under the stars with white-gloved service. While we were dining, a photographer came to take photos. What an awkward situation. The next day when we went to view the photos, I could not stop cracking up! We looked like one of those awkward family photos. Moving on…we did not have maternity photos taken…sorry I wasn’t feeling that. But I knew when our son was born, I would want newborn photos. Since spending lots of money on things isn’t really my style and my famous words are “we’re on a fixed income” (a line I stole from my grandma), it was hard to find a photographer that could fit our budget. But we found one and I was so pleased with the photos. Fin was not cooperating that day at all. He was a pretty fussy/gassy baby in the beginning that loved to be held. Tiffany was so friendly, inviting, and most important…patient! She was able to take a few amazing shots in the 10 minutes Fin was allowing her. We are already booked to have her take Fin’s first birthday photos in a few months and I’m so excited! If you need a photographer for whatever your need is, please check out Tiffany Carr Photography

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