Job requirements for being a parent

Personally, I think there should be job requirements for being a parent. No, I’m not judging the way anyone parents. As the young folk say, “You have to do you.” But I think that if you want to become a parent you need to know what it involves. Some couples have an unexpected pregnancy. They don’t plan for a baby. But God chose you to carry this baby. Therefore, you need to fulfill the same job requirements as those who planned for their baby.
And some women aren’t as lucky. They don’t just sneeze and become pregnant. They have to fight to have their baby. These women have to go through treatment after treatment just to conceive their precious gift from God. As a parent, your ultimate responsibility is to be there and care for your child no matter what! It’s a lifetime commitment. Not everyone is suited for parenthood.

I came up with a job requirement list for parents…

  1. You must love your kids (There are going to be times when you don’t like your kids…hey because they can be buttholes, but you always need to love them.)
  2. You must be willing to bath your kids. (They might fight you, but they will thank you for not allowing them to be the smelly kid in class.)
  3. You must be willing to loose countless hours of sleep for them. (Yes your eyes may begin to twitch. And this goes for any age. My mother used to stay up at night until I got home…and this was when I was in my 20’s and lived home.)
  4. You must fight for your kids. I don’t mean fist fight (well sometimes you might have too). And yes your kids should learn to fight for themselves (again not physically). But sometimes your kids will need their parents help and that’s ok.
  5. You must have the strength to see them fail. Honestly, your kids are not going to be the best at everything and that’s fine.
  6. You must like wine (or some other form of alcohol) because you are definitely going to need to have a drink here or there to keep your sanity. (Please just don’t drink and drive.)
  7. You must be willing to take care of them. Seriously, forever. Even when they are 50 and you’re 80. You will need to take care of them (and they will take care of you). 
  8. You must be ready to set good examples for them. Raise them to be productive and respectful members of society. We need more good people in the world.

This is what I have come up with so far. I think there should probably be more requirements added to the list, but my mind is escaping me right now. What do you think a job requirement for being a parent should be?

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