Pump Your Fists, Pump Your Gas, Pump Your Milk…

So in the great state of NJ a lot of people pump their fists (I’ll admit I pump my fists when I’m out of the state), we don’t have to pump our gas, but a lot of women do pump their milk. Me being one of them! I have been an exclusive pumper since Fin turned about 6 months old. He started to refuse the boob. Not sure why. Fin is the type of kid that knows what he wants, does things when he is ready and on his own terms, and tells (babbles) you how it is. Hmm it reminds me of someone I know? Wink. I don’t really mind pumping, however, I feel my entire day revolves around when I have to pump. My famous last words are always “then I have to pump” or “I have to pump soon” or “OMG I have to pump”. I knew from the minute I became pregnant that I wanted to breastfeed. I read about all the benefits of breastmilk. I had some other reasons as to why I wanted to breastfeed as well, but I’ll share those at another time. Originally I thought I was going to nurse for the first 4 weeks of Fin’s life, but that quickly changed when Fin went to the NICU and I had to pump to measure how much Fin was eating because I refused formula. There is nothing wrong with formula and I know plenty of moms that use it to feed their babies. I just told myself from the beginning that if I produce enough milk I will only give Fin my milk. So I have been pumping since day 2¬†of Fin’s life. I was even an over supplier in the beginning. It has been hard here and there. I have never had an issue with my supply, but I have had milk blisters that never seem to go away (I use that nose freda thing to suck them out, ew gross but it works!) and I would have to eliminate certain foods from my diet because they didn’t agree with Fin. I have pumped in so many different places too! Airports, hotels, storage closets, various people’s homes, etc. That can be annoying, but again I’m stubborn and I promised myself and Fin that if I can produce milk I will continue to pump. My goal is to pump for a year. I do need to start weaning and I think I have a handle on how I am going to start that. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Oh and for the first few months I made a lot of lactation recipes….smoothies, oatmeal bites, almond butter balls, cookies, etc. They were all so yummy. Ingredients that help with supply….flaxseed, steel cut oats (or regular oats), and brewer’s yeast. There are a bunch of other foods that help as well. They’re called galactagogue foods or lactogenic foods. Some of these include: green leafy vegetables, beans, coconut water, gatorade, smart water, barley, tuna, salmon, almonds, dark beer or cider, yam, and tumeric. There are so many more too!

The pump that I use is the Spectra S2 and the Spectra S1. I have both. I leave the S2 at home becuse it has to be plugged in. The S1 I use as my travel pump since it has a battery. I got the S2 through my insurance for free but I purchased the S1 on Amazon! One of my many awesome ideas. If you are deciding what pump to get, I definitely recommend the spectra. Check them out!

Image result for spectra s2

So my journey through the elements of pumping are continuing. Oh crap, look at the time…I need to go pump, again.


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