Woman, Young Lady, Mam, Miss…..

I’m 31 years of age and I often forget that I’m an adult. Me?!? An Adult. How did this even come about? I call other females around me that I don’t know, women or females I do know that are older, women. But I still don’t consider myself a woman. Even my friends. I see us as girls. Girls who are trying to navigate life without the help of their parents even though most of us still run to our parents when we need to vent or need a shoulder to cry on or if we simply need help. Will I ever stop relying on my parents to make me feel better? Probably not. Sorry Mom and Dad, now come over here and kiss the boo-boo on my knee. Wait! I’m a mom now. Does that mean my son is always going to come to me?!?!? Even when he’s 31 and has a family of his own?!? I sure hope so! I know I will always protect that “little boy” even when he’s 50. So here’s my question. When will I consider myself a woman? When I first got my (cough) Aunt Flo (cough) I was told, “You’re a woman now!”. Wrong, definitely wrong. No way was I a woman in middle school. Was I a woman when I turned the legal age of 18? I mean I could go off and fight in war if I wanted to. Was I a woman when I turned 21 and could drink legally? Yeh, definitely not. Ok, so when I get married I’ll think of myself as a woman, right? Ehhhh. Ok, when I have a baby? Ehhh. When will I ever consider myself a woman? I think until I turn 50 or 60 or when I’m driving around my kids and their friends or when I have to drop off my kids off 10 yards away from the movie theater because they cannot be seen with their mother (my luck my kids will skip this and uber it) or when I become a grandmother…I won’t consider myself a woman. The point is….even though I’m a 31 year old adult who is a wife and mother…I still look in the mirror and see a young girl who barely has her shit together. But I have to remind myself that others see me as a woman. Or do they?

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  1. Why do we have to grow up?
    It’s just a number “girlfriend!” This is my theory as a mother to my 26 year old son , daughter to my 88 year old mommy..as long as you take care of your responsibilities and guide your son on the right path in life, enjoy life to the fullest.

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