How’d I get so lucky?…Happy Birthday Matt!

Haha. A gift.

Today’s my husband’s birthday. It made me think about a few things as I watched him lay in bed as I got up for work because he’s off today. (Our spring breaks didn’t line up, but that’s ok I’m off next week.) It made me think about everything my husband actually does for my family. I feel like I’m the typical nagging wife. I constantly complain about how he leaves his crap everywhere (though he has gotten better since I threatened I was going to just start throwing shit away if it was in my way) but that’s really the worse thing about him. He’s messy. Seriously, the only thing I really complain about when it comes to him. Well except that I birth Fin faster than he does his bathroom business but I think that’s how every wife feels about their husband. Now I’m going to get a little sentimental in this post, so bare with me.

On birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, and other special occasions, I always have to scroll through all the “OMG my husband is the best…my husband is the greatest, oh my husband this and that….” Most of them are sweet, but a majority I laugh at because I know the truth behind some of those marriages and they are only facebook perfect, not real life perfect. My marriage isn’t perfect. But we have never had a huge fight. A fight here and there but nothing where we haven’t spoken for days or what not (he will through his Aries toddler temper tantrum from time to time though). When I do write a social media post about my husband, I usually say something sweet and then add a sarcastic comment at the end so that I do not loose my street cred. But, my husband is wonderful. He really is. I have not met one person that doesn’t like my husband. I swear half of my friends hang out with me because they like him better. Even my son’s first babble word was dada or was it bla-bla? It sure wasn’t mama. So I have compiled a list of what I love about my big ole Sasquatch of a hubby. 

  1. He makes me laugh. Well it’s more like I do something or say something stupid and he laughs at me and tells me I’m weird which makes me laugh, so technically he makes me laugh.
  2. He provides for my family. He works his ass off. End of story. I’m so very grateful for that.
  3. He puts up with me. Period.
  4. He helps take care of our son. He doesn’t make me do all the dirty work. He has been hands-on since day one.
  5. He has never once made me feel a bad thought or insecurity about our relationship. I know he is loyal. I know he would never intentionally hurt me. I have never had to worry about where he was or what he is doing. (Even though I joke that football practices he is with his “girlfriend”. Or yell at him when I have a dream about him cheating on me.)
  6. He is genuine and respectful.
  7. He loves me and our son and our crazy dog.

So happy birthday to the an amazing person…to an outstanding dad, faithful husband, loyal son and brother, and true friend. I hope Fin takes after you because God help him if he takes after me.

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