5 Bad Habits That People Need to Quit

I’m sure I can think of way more than 5 bad habits that people need to quit, but I’m going to stick to 5 that really get under my skin. Please feel free to inform me of any other bad habits that get on your nerves.

  1. Beeping the horn at someone when the light literally just turned green. (Light turns green, HOOONNKKKKKKKK!!!!) 
  2. When you hold the door for someone and they do not even attempt to say “Thank you”. I will yell at the person, “You’re welcome!” just to make my point that they were raised with no manners.
  3. When someone is walking in front of you and all of a sudden they just stop (especially on the boardwalk) and bam! You crash into them. Really?!?!?!?!? Or the couple or family that form a horizontal line and hold hands and there’s no way to get around them. (This is a huge problem at theme parks.)
  4. When parents let their kids run a muck without proper supervision and then they get annoyed at you because you accidentally hit one and ran them over with your baby stroller. Opps. (I apologized, even though I didn’t want to.)
  5. When a person is on a line checking out at a store and they are talking on their cellphone. Come on! You can’t wait a few minutes, pay, and then call that person?!?!? No one cares about your conversations, that should be private.

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