No matter how hard I try, my house always seems a mess

I write myself to-do lists all the freakin’ time. I’ll be honest…I love writing lists and then crossing the chores I have listed off one by one when I finish them. Sometimes I even write chores that are done on my list, just to cross them off. I wonder if Santa gets the same satisfaction as I do when I cross things off a list? I really do not enjoy cleaning. However, once I start to clean or organize I get on a roll and I accomplish a lot. It’s just getting me to do it. 

When I am home with my son, the last thing I want to do is clean or any sort of chores. I have family that will often make comments about how messy my house gets sometimes or that the dog’s hair is everywhere. First off, I make my husband vacuum because I hate vacuuming with a passion. He vacuums twice a week and I swear when he’s done, my dog gets off his lazy butt and walks around planting even more hair on the floor than before my husband vacuumed. It is a conspiracy. I do get annoyed at the comments about my house. I’m trying. But when I am with Fin, I want to play with him, dance with him, read him books, do crafts, whatever…anything but clean! There are times when I put him in his pack and play or play yard and I’ll get some chores done, but I’m constantly checking on him to make sure he is ok. I want to create memories when I am with my son. I’m not a stay at home mom so again when I’m with my son, I want to be with him.

When he naps, I try to get chores done but I also can’t do anything that will create a lot of noise. I do what I can. But he only takes one nap a day and it lasts about 2 hours (on a good day). Other times when he naps, I lay down because I’ve been up since God knows when playing with him and now I deserve a nap lol. I don’t actually nap, I just lay down and catch up on my DVR which is about 63% full right now because I may watch an hour or 2 of TV a day. Or when he naps, I’m blogging like I am now. Or I’m finally eating! However, I did get some chores done this morning while he was awake. I had Ulysses entertain him. I want to make memories with my son. Even if he doesn’t remember any of them right now because he’s only 10 months old, but I’ll sure remember them. 

So for all the moms out there that feel like they are failing at being a good house keeper, don’t worry…we are all in the same boat! Though I will be excited when Fin becomes older and I can make him do my chores for me. You want the wifi password? Clean the kitchen floor. Ahhhhh we have ghosts in our house! You want them to go away? Vacuum them up. You want $5? Scrub the bathroom. You want me to cook you breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Mow the lawn. Earn your keep, kid.

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