Baby Book Ideas

So I have always wanted to write a children’s book. Maybe one day I will. I wanted to write about a hero or a princess or a puppy, etc. But now after having a baby, I have changed my tone a bit. Here are some of the books I would write.

  • Don’t Pull the Dog’s Fur
  • It’s Saturday, Why Are You Up Already?
  • Where Did Your Socks Go?
  • Don’t Put My Phone in Your Mouth
  • Seriously?
  • Stop Spitting Out Your Food
  • “What Are You Eating?”: A Compilation of Things Found on the Floor.
  • How Did You Climb Out of That?
  • Holy F**k!
  • It’s Not Playtime
  • “No!”: And Other Ways to Say No
  • You Have 800 Billion Toys, Why Must You Play with That?
  • But It’s Supposed to Be Your Turn Tonight: An Anthology of Everything my Husband Does Wrong
  • Cuddles are the Best
  • My Nipple is Not a Chew Toy
  • Stop Pulling on Your Pee-Pee

I’m sure moms out there can think of more “baby” books they could write. Please feel free to contribute to this list.

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