I could watch these movies over and over….

I think I always shock people (especially women) when I tell them that I’ve never seen the movie Pretty Woman or Dirty Dancing. And I never will. I have no interest in ever seeing them. And the fact that I’m then pressured to see it because they are the greatest movies of all time, makes me want to see them less! I was forced once to watch the remake of Footloose (I never saw the original) and I wanted to crawl into a hole it was terrible. I think I only watched the beginning and then left. However, there are certain movies that I can watch over and over. There are certain movies that no matter what I am doing, if I see it on TV…I stop what I’m doing and just sit and watch it. My husband has found me sitting at the end of the bed watching a movie, when I should have been in the shower or getting ready. I’m very guilty of this. I’m sure I’m going to miss a lot of movies that I love, but I’ve compiled a list of the ones I know for a fact my world would be a dark place if they didn’t exist. The best part about these movies…is everytime I watch them, I discover something new.

  1. Jurassic World- Those of you who know me, know that I’ve watched this more times than I could count. My early snapchat days were filled with snaps of this movie. I have sentimental value behind this movie that I’m not willing to share just yet. But this movie means a lot to me. Plus it’s badass and Chris Pratt is hott, really hott.
  2. Jaws- While this movie makes sharks look super mean and bad, I love it. I could sit and watch the original one over and over. It’s just soooo good. I think we have all used the famous line, “You’re going to need a bigger boat.” from this movie at least once in our lives.
  3. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade- I don’t know why but the 3rd installment of the Indiana Jones Franchise is my favorite. I love it! Indie is so awesome, fighting crazy Nazis and just kicking ass. He makes being an archaeologist seem so cool.
  4. The Lego Movie- Seriously I swear these movies are really made for adults, not kids. The humor in them are hilarious! It also helps fill my Chris Pratt obsession.
  5. Forrest Gump- The soundtrack to this movie is incredible! Sometimes where I hear the song I think of the scene in the movie where the song plays. This movie is so freaking good. My favorite part is when he “meets JFK”.
  6. Ghostbusters 2- Sorry I like the second one better. I think it’s a bit “scarier”. When I was little all I wanted to be was a Ghostbuster. One day it might happen, you never know.
  7. Scream- I love this scary movie. This is the movie that got me into horror movies. My cousins and I even tried recreating this movie with my dad’s video camera from 1802.
  8. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation- Best Christmas movie of all time. Hands down. I always discover something new when I watch this movie. My favorite part is when Clark puts light bulbs on top of Cousin Eddy’s dog food and Cousin Eddy then proceeds to put a huge bag of dog food on the bulbs, crushing them with no reaction from either Eddy or Clark. Genius.
  9. Elf- One of Will Ferrell’s best ever! This is a movie I find myself watching in the summer because it always seems to be on in July.
  10. A Christmas Story- This one is another classic I can watch over and over on Christmas Day.
  11. Spaceballs- I love it. Just love it. Seeing this movie as a kid is so different than watching it as an adult. I’ve picked up on way more of the movie’s jokes as an adult.
  12. The Sandlot- One of my favorite movies of all time. “You’re killing me Smalls.” …..is something I say way too often.
  13. Uncle Buck- Again just a great movie.
  14. Blended- Who doesn’t love Terry Crews in this movie?
  15. Mean Girls
  16. Black Sheep
  17. Inglourious Basterds
  18. The Notebook
  19. The Patriot
  20. Jurassic Park
  21. Easy A
  22. Muppet Treasure Island
  23. Basically any Disney Cartoon Movie

I’m sure I’m missing a ton more! But it is all I can come up with at this hour of the morning, while eating my waffle, and supervising my son eating his french toast, while he throws his milk cup around as he watches Mickey Mouse.

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