Why Dogs are the Best!

Why are dogs the best? It’s quite simple. They just are. My dog is always excited to see me. ALWAYS! No one is ever that excited to see me. Not even my son. Yes my son loves me A LOT and has separation anxiety often, however, he does crawl off and leave me to play by myself…truck in hand. Does my dog do that? Nope. He is right there with a toy in his mouth nudging my leg because all he wants to do is play with who he believes is the greatest human ever. I could sit here and write you a list of why everyone should get to experience living with and loving a dog, but the list would go on and on. Not everyone deserves a dog though. But what is so cool, is that dogs are so resilient. They can be hurt, abused, mistreated….but as soon as a loving hand comes along they know they are being saved and they will spend the rest of their life looking to please and love some human that is willing to do the same. 

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