Happy Birthday Old Man!

My husband is one of a kind. This I definitely know. Even though we may not always agree on things or if we do things differently, we fit together pretty perfectly. I honestly fall more in love with him everyday and actually miss when he’s not around. I used to love my alone time (there is no such thing anymore with a little Fin always next to me, haha) but I love when my husband is home.  I want to wish my husband a very happy birthday! You’re 34. Damn boy, you gettin’ old. I’m not that much younger, but I still like to tease him. So to my loving husband, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Happy birthday to the man that works so darn hard for his family. Fin may not get to see you all that much but he will appreciate everything you do for us as he gets older.

Happy birthday to the man that puts up with ME. You really are a saint, haha. 

Happy birthday to the man that let’s me do my thing. You support me no matter what. I haven’t had any crazy, crazy ideas yet but they’re probably coming.

Happy birthday to the man that has been by my side through a lot in the years we have been together. You have kept me so strong. You have told me everything will get better and work out. You have let me cry to you time and time again and just allowed me to break down and helped me to build myself back up.

Happy birthday to the man who continues to listen to me whine about things I can’t control. You always have my back.

Happy birthday to the man that is amazing father. You have been on your game since day 1. You changed basically every diaper while Fin was in the hospital. You stayed up with me during nights of nursing and pumping. You fed Fin during the night so I could sleep.

Happy birthday to the man who let’s me have my “me” time. Who has always let me do or go out when I asked. (There are husbands out there that don’t let their wives do shit.)

Happy birthday to the man who takes care of our furry babies, who stays up with them, and also takes them on really early morning walks.

Happy birthday to the man who will be an awesome father to his little girl once she arrives. She’ll probably be a daddy’s girl and hate me, but that’s ok. Good luck during the teenage years!

Happy birthday to the man who puts his heart and soul into his coaching. Who is so supportive and always there for his players. They are very lucky to get to call you coach.

Happy birthday to the man who thinks about others before himself. Who (most of the time) goes along with whatever and doesn’t complain, whose famous line is “sure”.

Happy birthday to the man who is our family’s everything. We LOVE you so much. And while I may not always show it or say it (I try to a lot though), you are my best friend, my partner, and my soulmate.

Have an amazing birthday my love!


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