No Filter: Some things people say to pregnant women

If you’ve ever been pregnant, I’m sure you have gotten a lot of people saying things all the time to you…whether it was to your face or behind your back. I have had a handful of people make comments to me about my pregnant friends or comments to me being pregnant. I honestly don’t know what gives them the right to even be thinking some of these things. If anyone has ever been pregnant, they know how it feels….especially in the last month. It’s friggen hard! Your hormones are raging, you have bursts or energy…but at the same time you want to sleep for years on end, you basically can’t fit into any of your clothes (well I refused to buy that many maternity clothes and all my regular clothes are xs or s, so that’s my own fault), you feel like a beached whale when you’re sitting on the couch, simple tasks become extraordinary feats, etc. So why do people (especially women….because men know better on this one) say things to pregnant women or make comments? Who the hell knows?!?! But here is a list I have compiled of what I was told and what others have told me they were told.

  1. You look like you swallowed a beach ball, basketball, whatever other ball someone can think of. (Uh thanks? I actually have bad back pain because of this so-called “beach ball” that is attached to me.)
  2. You don’t look pregnant from behind. (I know this is meant as a compliment, but I don’t get it? Was I supposed to look like a big fat fatso from behind? And BTW my uterus is in the front, not my back.)
  3. You better have that baby soon or you’ll explode. (No I’m pretty sure I will not explode.)
  4. Are you sure there’s only one baby in there? (Actually, I’m not sure. Do you want to check?)
  5. Your hips definitely got wider. (Well thanks for pointing that out!)
  6. You look so swollen. (Uh so do you when you eat too much salt, so STFU.)
  7. You’re starting to waddle. (I’m trying to perfect my penguin walk, leave me alone.)
  8. How much did you gain so far? (This one is my fav. I actually get asked this a lot. Why do you care? Is it because you probably weigh more than me now? Actually you still don’t.)
  9. Are you having twins? (Nope. Are you?)
  10. Are you sure you should be lifting those weights or working out? (Actually yes, that’s probably the reason why I don’t look pregnant from behind. Working out is good and I most likely could do way more than your non-pregnant self.)
  11. You don’t look like you’re having a girl. Your face didn’t change. (I’m glad my daughter isn’t “sucking the beauty from me”.)
  12. They say girls suck the beauty out of you. (Thanks for telling me that I’m ugly.)
  13. Still pregnant? Are you ever going to have that baby? (Nah, I plan on hoarding the baby in me for years to come.)
  14. Should you be eating that? (Can you show me your MD degree?)
  15. Oh another boy or girl? Are you going to try for a girl or boy? (I honestly can’t pick the sex of the kid.)

I’d love to hear more things people have said to you or pregnant women you know. Please share! This 39 week and 5 days lady is out.

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