8 days late and he’s finally here!

Meet Ashley…

As my 39th week approached, I felt as though I could breathe a sigh of relief. I was full term! The nursery was set, house was cleaned, bags packed, towel on the seat of my car (just incase😉). I would get to meet my baby boy any day now. 

Well.. my due date came and went. I was so uncomfortable and honestly ready to throw my phone against the wall anytime I would get a text .. “anything yet?”  I tried every trick to get labor going ..but no luck! Finally .. 8 days after my due date, I was scheduled for induction. My husband and I checked into the hospital early Monday evening and I received a Cervidil insert to soften my cervix. We were told this generally takes hours to get working so I took a sleeping pill and tried to sleep. Not more than 2 hours later, I started to feel contractions. My nurse came in and told me they had to remove the insert because the baby was not reacting well to it and his heart rate was dropping. They gave me some oxygen until the baby’s heart rate went back to normal. My contractions continued to get stronger throughout the night and I received my epidural around 1am. My doctor came in a few hours later. I was 7cm dilated and ready to begin Pitocin. Family members began to arrive and the excitement was kicking in. Around 1pm my nurse came in, kicked everyone out of the room, strapped an oxygen mask on my face, and turned me on my side again. Our baby’s heart rate was dropping.. again. Unlike last time.. this seemed to last forever. My doctor came in and told me it was time to start pushing. I pushed for 2 long hours. His heartrate dropped again. They had to get him out right away with the help of a vacuum extractor. The next 5 minutes were a total blur to me. It felt like 10 more nurses entered the room .. everyone was talking and running around. I honestly cannot remember anything from that moment until I saw my baby. I was so exhausted from pushing and all I wanted was a healthy baby in my arms. I closed my eyes and pushed with everything I had left. Finally.. I heard that cry and saw my husband’s happy tears. Landon Glenn was born on March 27th at 3:54PM. He is by far the best thing that has ever happened to us 💕

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