This is why we can’t have nice things

Being a mom of 2 I have a learned a lot about myself, as well as other things. Mostly that I have no control over most things in my life. Being someone that likes to have control over a lot of things made me realize I need to adjust this and just let things flow. And boy have I learned to do that. I try not to let myself get anxious about stuff I cannot control, which can be hard. I have realized that I’m in the same boat as 99% of moms out there. The moms on Instagram and Pinterest, that 1%, are either not real (just for show) or do not actually spend anytime with their kids….or are super rich and can afford to hire people to do everything for them. There are so many things us moms need to just except, basically.

  1. Laundry

Most moms have piles and piles of laundry laying around, just sitting in the washer or dryer, etc. I always do my kids laundry first! I get to mine when I get to it. My kids go through clothes like there is no tomorrow. How dare they! It’s important I make sure they always have clean clothes. I refuse to do my husband’s laundry so that’s a whole other story. I wash our towels separately then my clothes, so that’s more laundry. But it will get done, eventually. Doesn’t matter anyways since I wear the same 3 t-shirts and sweatpants when I’m home, according to my husband. He ain’t wrong.

  1. Cleaning

My house is messy. It is. I try my hardest to not have it messy but my kids’ stuff is everywhere (and my husband’s). However, my husband has been making an effort to lessen his messiness. He knows how much it aggravates me. However, my house is not dirty. I try to keep up with the cleaning and fall behind a lot but when I get the inspiration and time to do it, I do it well. It’s just not my favorite thing to do. I hate cleaning bathrooms and I HATE to vacuum. With two dogs, vacuuming is a must. If I know we’re having company over, I make sure everything is clean. I need to start living life like we’re always having company over….yeh that’s probably not going to happen, but it should. Also, there are marks and little sticky hand-prints everywhere on my walls. I have contemplating painting over them, but what’s the point. I’ve learned to accept that my walls will look like this until both my kids are at least 10. Oh and I’m constantly wiping up milk  and spit up stains on the floor. Uh kids!

  1. Cooking

I love to cook. But lately I haven’t been doing a lot of it. I have been relying on my crockpot which I don’t consider real cooking. You put ingredients into a giant pot and let it cook itself. It’s easy and still a home-cooked meal. I do not do fast food and I don’t want my kids raised on that. I will always find the time to cook for my family. Cooking is very therapeutic for me, that’s why I enjoy doing it. And I let my husband grill, that’s his territory. We grill a lot whenever the weather is warm. I have an air-fryer as well that I am obsessed with and is less messier than frying things on the stove. We also order from already made delivery services like Fuel Meals and Eat Clean Bro. Everything is portioned and healthy. It also tastes really good. We only order from time to time and on those weeks I will spend less at the grocery store to even out the cost.

  1. Lawn care

This is ultimately my husband’s job. He is in charge of mowing and weeding and trimming the bushes when needed. However, I used to plant flowers and take care of them when I was growing up. Now I have my husband plant flowers and I forget to water them and they die a slow and painful death. I need to get better at this. We also really need to just hire a mowing company because my husband is never really home and it would probable just be less stressful and easier to have someone else do this for us. Bit the bullet and just shell out a little extra each month to at least make the outside of our house look beautiful. Then let people be horrified after they enter the house. (I swear my house really isn’t that bad.)

  1. Car problems

I know a lot of people take super good care of the inside of their cars. I don’t think I’ve ever dusted or cleaned my car. However, I also don’t leave crap laying in it either like other people. You won’t find empty water bottles or food wrappers in my car, but you probably will find plenty of veggie sticks and gold fish stuck in areas because of my son. And as for the outside of my car, I use the rain as a free car wash.

I’m sure I’m probably forgetting a whole lot. But these are definitely things I deal with on an everyday basis. And I just do my best. That is all we really can do. I cannot live my life stressing or worrying about this meaningless stuff. I focus on playing with my kids because I am told by almost everyone, enjoy them while they are this young, before they get older and develop body odor and don’t want to play with you or hug you or even be in the same room as you. So I will enjoy them. I will enjoy them wanting me every single moment of the day. Because those are the things I will remember as well as them. We won’t remember the messy house but we will remember all the times we wrestled, ran and jumped around, and made fake food in the play kitchen. And they will probably remember all the times I hid in the bathroom for some peace and quiet. 

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