A thank you to my mom

Being a mom has made me realize how much a mom is willing to do for her children. As an only child, growing up had it’s advantages and disadvantages. I was always at my grandma’s playing with my cousins, so I never really felt like an only child, however, when I went home I was alone which I didn’t mind. Sometimes it was lonely, it’s one of the main reasons why I wanted at least two children, so that they always have each other. Because I am an only child, I have always felt that my mom was a little over protective. She didn’t have anyone else to worry about except for me. She is definitely a mama bear for sure. I get it though, finally. I get what it feels like to always worry about the well-being and safety of your kids. I know what it feels like to love someone so much you would do absolutely anything for them.

I was a real bitch during my teenager years. Most girls are. It’s the years they butt heads with their mom. Moms are the worse during the teen years for girls. But then as you get older, you realize how much you actually need your mother. Your mom becomes your best friend and you couldn’t imagine your life without her. When you have kids of your own, you start to use lines your mom always used on you and you know….oh crap I’m turning into my mom. But that isn’t a bad thing. It’s actually a good thing. My mom has always been an amazing mother to me and I’m glad I’m turning into her because that means I will hopefully be an amazing mother to my kids. I love hanging out with her. I usually ask her to do things with me before I even ask my friends because I actually like being with her. My mom has always made me feel safe. She has always had my back and stood up for me when needed. She has no problem calling me out when I do stupid shit. She listens to be vent even when it’s over the stupidest stuff. She listens to me talk about the same things over and over. She helps me out in any way she can. She treats my children like gold. (And tells me I’m chopped liver now.)

My mom has always been tough on me, but I understand why now and I believe it made me who I am. She is very selfless. I do remember toys and gifts she bought me growing up, but more importantly I remember things that she probably doesn’t remember that reminds me of why I love and appreciate her so much.

I remember getting so nervous and anxious for school some nights because of a test or project I had to do. My mom would sleep with me in this old, uncomfortable pull-out couch just so I could have a good night sleep. Her being next to me comforted me. I remember being scared of my window unit AC, thinking it was going to eat me. She let me sleep in my Ghostbusters sleeping bag on the floor next to her bed for an entire summer. I remember her taking me to her friend’s house out in the middle of nowhere to visit. We would go to craft fairs and flea markets while visiting and she always bought me a funnel cake. I remember trips to the mall where she would get me a Cinnabon or Dip-n-Dots. I remember everyone of our girls only Disney trips and all the fun we had. I remember her playing with me and then telling her she wasn’t playing correctly. I remember her holding me when I used to cry about my friends who were mean to me during middle school and high school. I remember how she would let me have friends over after school or during Halloween she would let me have friends over to pig out and watch scary movies. I remember all the times she let my cousins sleep over or let me sleep over my grandma’s and poppy’s house (I sure she didn’t really mind getting rid of me for a night). I remember her always taking me to Starbucks (when there was only one around and it was up and coming) after open gym gymnastics and she would buy me this long thin crispy baguette they sold. I remember her taking me to the town pool or to my uncle’s trailer for the weekend.

I have always needed my mom. But now that I have my own kids, I realized I have never needed her more. She is my rock. She keeps me together.Yes my husband is wonderful. My dad is a Rockstar and I love them both so much. But my mom, she’s a friggin super hero. I never realized all the things she had to do for our family, until I became a mom and saw how it is the hardest job in the world. The clients are demanding and needy and can be down right mean.(Yesterday I asked my son for a kiss, and he said “no kiss” as he ran away.That hurt kid, that kid.)

So to all the moms out there, especially mine…thank you.Thank you for putting up with your children. Thank you for loving us even though we do crazy things and make dumb decisions. Thank you for being you. I appreciate my mother so much and I hope she knows it. I may not always show it with my words or actions but it’s there. My appreciation is there whenever she comes to my rescue because the feeling that I get inside is warmth and comfort and I  know everything will be ok. I love my mom and I can only hope that my daughter will feel the same way towards me and turn to me when she is in need. So that I can be there for her, like my mother is always there for me.

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