An open letter to coffee bars

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Dear Dunkin and Starbucks,

I love you both. I truly do, but we need to talk. Pull up a seat, sit down, relax, I’ll pour you a nice hot cup of coffee. Would you like milk or cream in your coffee? Oh, you want non-dairy milk? Ok that will cost you extra, my dear. What? Not fair? Exactly. Often, I am granted with coupons to Dunkin or Starbucks and I become super excited. Or they are having some promotion where if you go between a certain time, their drinks are cheaper.

On Friday, I decided to stop in at Dunkin to treat myself to a white chocolate latte. It’s a new flavor and I wanted to test it out. If you visit them between the hours of 2 and 6, their lattes are $2 each + tax of course. Ok So I’m looking at spending $2.07. But wait! I have a $2 coupon, so 7 cent latte here I come. When I order my latte I ask for almond milk because I am dairy free. I am allergic to dairy and will break out into hives or develop a rash around my mouth when I eat too much of it. I also am lactose intolerant and will spend most of my time hanging out in the restroom if I consume dairy. Not my idea of a good time. The woman scans my coupon and tells me I owe her 67 cents. Uh excuse me, no I owe you 7 cents for the tax. She informs me they charge extra for almond milk. What why? So I have to pay extra for having an allergy. You should be ashamed. Starbucks too! If you read the fine print on their menu, they charge you extra for soy, almond, or coconut milk. Honestly that’s crazy. You are charging your customers more for plant-based milk but will gladly serve regular milk or cream that is filled with puss, blood, and other garbage to your customers. (Ok, I really don’t want to get into a debate about dairy products. Honestly, what other mammal drinks another mammal’s milk besides humans? But yeh, I’m a hypocrite because my son loves cow’s milk and I give it to him.) Honestly, I don’t blame you Dunkin and Starbucks. Ok, well I do blame you because you could do better. I also blame the people out there that want to be “cool” by drinking non-dairy milk. You ruined it for us folks with allergies. You made it become a trend to drink non-dairy. You made it hipster. And FYI it’s not that much healthier than dairy milk. Soy milk (although I find it very delicious, wreaks havoc on women’s’ bodies), coconut milk can be quite fattening, and almond milk can be filled with added crap we don’t need. Also, lots of sugar. That’s why I buy unsweetened. But you’re def not getting that at Dunkin or Starbucks. I wish they wouldn’t charge extra because there are so many people out there with dairy intolerances and it’s just not fair. It’s not fair that I literally must pay for my allergy. LITERALLY, with money. So, will I boycott Dunkin or Starbucks? No, probably not. However, I will not be visiting your establishments unless it’s a special occasion and I will die a little inside every time you charge me extra.


A 33 year old mom who just wants some sugar filled lattes every once in a while

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  1. I didn’t know that Starbucks charge extra. I don’t have a dairy allergy not that I know of but I am one of those people who occasionally get coconut milk or soy milk. I generally add it for the taste but cow’s milk sometimes makes me nauseous.

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