7 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Become a Mother

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  1. Headaches

Becoming a mother can lead to headaches and even severe migraines. These headaches are usually caused by tension. Tension headaches occur when your body tightens up and blood flow to the brain is affected. They can be triggered by stress brought on by lack of sleep and questioning whether you have this whole mother thing down. Don’t worry, they should occur less and less as time goes on. (Disclaimer: Probably not, that seems like a total lie.)

2. Mental fatigue

Lack of sleep, along with the other stresses of being a mother, can make your mind feel overworked. (Like having a 100 tabs open in your brain at a time.) This can be completely draining and cause you to burnout. Mental fatigue can affect you if you never feel fully energized or well-rested. 

3. Weight gain or lose

If you are stressed out or sleeping less, it is common to notice weight gain or lose. Everyone handles things differently. I know for myself when I’m super stressed, I have no appetite. Others will stress eat, which is a common coping mechanism. Also new moms may feel less motivated to exercise because they cannot find the time or they are running on 0 hours of sleep.

4. Fatigued or sore muscles

When you’re feeling a bit high strung, your muscles may be unknowingly tightening. Tight muscles can lead to other body pains, like back pain, shoulder pain, head pain and joint aches. This can also be a result of constantly carry a baby around. (Especially in a carrier, that shit can be heavy!) No to mention if you have an almost 3-year-old at home that sometimes refuses to walk down the stairs and needs to be carried (insert eye roll).

5. A change in having a relationship with your husband

Let’s face it, even if a father does half the amount of work as a mother, it will never equal the same. Men are not recovering from giving birth, nor can they breastfeed with their worthless nipples. A change in the way you view your husband is very common. You may experience a lower libido than normal, basically saying “don’t freakin’ touch me.” 

6. Insomnia

Having a baby or a child that doesn’t like to sleep can lead to lack or even a loss of sleep. You may find it hard to relax your body and mind because you are thinking of the 100 other million things you must do. Lack of sleep can contribute to and intensify headaches and mental fatigue. 

7. Weakened immune system

If you are not getting the proper amount of sleep, over eating or under eating, and simply not taking care of yourself, will cause your immune system to suffer. A weakened immune system can lead to illnesses. It can also cause your body to take longer than normal to recover from illnesses as well. (I once had a headache for 4 days straight.)

Do yourself a favor and make sure you take care of yourself. Moms cannot get sick or the whole house falls apart! Do you girl (or at least try to) and the rest will fall into place. A happy mom makes everyone else happy. Remember kids feed off of your positive energy. Now go pour yourself a cup of coffee or wine.

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