Everyone wants to be an “Influencer”

I have a private Instagram account where I share pictures that only my friends and family can see. I don’t normally accept random requests from people to follow me unless I personally know them. I have a public Instagram where I also share pictures but this Instagram is geared more towards “influencing”. I share pictures of my family, friends, Crossfit, fitness stuff, mom/kid things, food pics to share recipes and cool finds, etc. My husband makes fun of me for having this page, saying…”Oh here she goes posting again.” However, my counter argument is that he is the one who persuaded me to create a public Instagram and even this website. I tell my husband that I’m a very important person and all 3 followers I have are very interested in my daily life and posts.

If you were to spend some of your free time on Instagram and search through, you would realize everyone and anyone is trying to be an influencer. Hey more power to you! The only thing I cannot stand is those accounts that will only follow you if you follow them back. I actually have an app on my phone that shows me if someone follows me or unfollows me. I also am direct messaged almost everyday by someone trying to sell me something or influence me to be a coach of some sort. I used to read them and reply “thanks but no thanks”, but now I just delete them. All of the messages are exactly the same just the company they’re trying to get me to join is different. Seriously, it’s the same speech!

I honestly have my public Instagram for fun. Am I looking for a billion followers? No. If I get there one day, OK. Am I looking to make money off my posts? No. If one day that happens, so be it! There are some accounts I really do love to follow because these women and men are inspiring or their posts contain relatable things or are funny as hell. I just hope that someone somewhere enjoys my posts.

I think moving forward I’m going to start sharing Instagram accounts that I find are worthy of following. I am going to start with my cousin’s. Yes, this is a shameless plug for her. My cousin has been the Frick to my Frack my whole life. I love her to death and she is an amazing human being. Annoying at times, but I forgive her.

Here is her deal…

I started @fiitmiitch for many reasons but let me start with a little about myself. I’m Michele the wacky cousin of @mommasaurus_f and have a love for food all my life till this day.  My stomach, as my family would say is a bottomless pit and I never get full. My weight has been a struggle of mine my whole life and it continues to be a struggle today. Weight lifting and working out have always been a hobby but I have never made it a priority in my life.  This is where @fiitmiitch comes in…. This is my journey to making a better me. To making more time for myself and to taking care of my mental and physical strength and stability. I want to see where my body and health will take me and to finally achieving goals. The key that I have finally realized is that it is a JOURNEY.  It will not change within a week or two. Consistency is key. Not beating yourself up or criticizing yourself is key. And of course Loving Yourself No Matter What Is Key. My page is to show how baby steps can make a difference. Having fun can make a difference. I will help anyone I can to keep them motivated and give the tips that I know.  Feel Free to Follow Me, Laugh With Me, & Enjoy!

Give her a look, if you like what you see…follow! We have to learn to support one another. Whether you actually view her posts or not…having that follower will allow her to keep on track with her journey. Every new follower helps to hold the person accountable…knowing that these followers are rooting for them in their journey!

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