Things you stop worrying about in your 30s

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  1. Missing out. FOMO is no longer a thing. I feel like I never really had FOMO, but I did always want to at least be invited. But now I don’t even care about being invited to everything because I know myself…I will come up with every excuse in the book to say no thanks. On a Saturday night I rather stay home, put my kids to bed, drink wine with my dogs, and pass out while watching Game of Thrones. That is a glorious Saturday night!
  2. Making a big deal about birthdays. Eh, it’s just another day to me. But I do expect my husband to have a card or hand written love note waiting for me. I will never understand why people extravagantly celebrate birthdays (that are not milestones). Happy birthday to you, but I don’t want to leave my house to celebrate your 32nd birthday, sorry.
  3. Other people’s lives. Everyone has shit going on in their lives. Let’s move on.
  4. Drama. Nope, just not worth it to me. Moving on! I have enough toddler drama in my life.
  5. What people think about you. Good bye over-analyzing. I just don’t care anymore. I’m friggin awesome and I know it! Who cares if anyone else does…
  6. Being friends with people who are jerks. I used to make excuses to keep these “friends” in my life. Or I would give these people second and third, sometimes even fourth chances. Not anymore. Bye Felicia!

7. Trends. I don’t have time to keep up with the current trends. I watch and read the news (sometimes) but that’s about it. Working in a school does allow me to see what the kids these days are into but honestly, I had no idea what Fortnite was until a few months ago. My life these days consist of what Disney Jr. show my son is into. Right now it’s Giganotosaurus and Tangled in case you were wondering.

8. Packing every weekend with events.Unless it involves my kids, I probably dread doing it. I would much rather spend my weekends home “relaxing”.

9. Loud places and crowded places.Seriously why is everything so loud now-a-days?!? And crowded places? No thank you! Especially when the “youth” arrive.

10. Being out late.Nope! I have a toddler and a baby at home, who wake up early and during the night sometimes. I will even calculate in my head how much sleep I could possibly get if I go to bed by a certain time. 

11. Going to Movies on Friday or Saturday Night.I’ll take a morning matinee showing for a cheaper price, thank you.

12. Doing things you don’t really want to do out of obligation to someone else. This kind of ties in with a few others I mentioned above. I use to say yes to almost everything. At this age if I don’t want to go to something I’m not going to go and I’ll tell you with a  confident no.

13. Getting upset over things and the people you can’t change. Certain things and people you can’t change. But that’s OK, they aren’t meant for you to change. It’s not your responsibility. Unfortunately, that’s the way life works sometimes and you can’t control everything.

14. Holding grudges for things that happened ages ago. I don’t hold grudges anymore, but I will always remember!

15. Figuring out how to be a “real adult.” Even though I’m married and have 2 kids, I sometimes don’t feel like a “real” adult. Maybe because I play pretend with my kids. However, when the bills comes…they are a constant reminder that I am in fact a grown woman.

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