Fin is 3!

Dear Fin,

      These past 3 years have been the best of my life. As much as I’m unhappy with certain aspects of my life, you remind me of why I wake up every day. You and your sister are the reasons I strive to be the best I can be. You amaze me every day. You remember everything, to the point where sometimes I can’t even lie to you because you remember everything I say. You are such a sweet little boy, but man are you fresh sometimes. Even when you are fresh you are the cutest little thing. I am definitely a mom that tells her kids “no”, redirects them and corrects their behavior…but when you cry I feel so bad! I know you need to learn right from wrong and I often joke that I’m a “mean mom”, but I am not raising an asshole. That word is a word you also know and have been using here and there when you refer to things. Funny part is, you use it in its correct context.

      I love how you find joy in things. You become so excited over certain things. I wish I got as excited by things as you do. You are also always happy. And when you’re sad, you tell me and that makes me feel sad. I then do everything I can make you happy. You have such an excitement for going on the boardwalk rides and meeting your favorite characters. I just love watching that excitement!

      Every day I look forward to laying in your bed to cuddle, after we read books. You sometimes ask me the silliest and most out there questions or say the cutest, funniest things. Like: “Why do you have eyebrows, mommy?” “What’s this?” As you point to anything and everything. “Mommy, this is a nice house. The man who built this house, built a good house.” “What’s Nonno doing right now?” Sometimes I have the answers and sometimes I do not.

      I know I’m raising you right because you show empathy and kindness to others. Your daycare teachers tell me you’re an “angel at school”. You must save all your devil-ness for me! As much as your sister annoys you and you tell me to constantly put her in jail, I see you hug and kiss her when you think I’m not watching. Usually she pushes you away, but Hazel is a brute so don’t take it personally.

I hope you never change. I hope you remain the helpful, sweet boy that you are. You love helping me clean and I really hope that never changes! Fin, you made me a mom and I will forever be grateful to you. I will protect you always and I will always be there for you, no matter what. You will always be my baby boy. I hope you have the best 3rd birthday! I love you yesterday, today, and tomorrow too.

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