Hazel is 1!

And the world’s okayest mom award goes to me. I wouldn’t call myself the worse mom because I’m not. But I am just an okay mom due to the fact that I never wrote something to/for my daughter for her 1st birthday in July. Every birthday so far that my son has had, I have written him something so that when he is older he can read them and know how special he is to me. I never wrote anything for my daughter because life got in the way. So here we go.

Dear Hazel,

Your smile is contagious, but you also have mastered the resting bitch face. You are a bull in a china shop but also a sensitive, sweet little girl. You have no fear and you love to make your voice heard. I promise I will always be there for you in the good times and the bad. I will protect you and make you laugh, but I will also make you cry if you’re being a little (insert word that rhymes with witch). Just like with your brother, I worry about you day and night. I will encourage you to stand up for yourself, but I have a feeling you already know how to do this….you hold no prisoners. I want you to pursue the things you want in life. But always know I will be there to hold you and hug you when you need me too. I will kiss the boo-boos when you fall down. I will move the mountains for you when you are having some trouble getting over them. I will knock down (literally) anyone that hurts you, but again I have a feeling you will be able to do this on your own. I’m looking forward to our mother/daughter dates. You’re my silly baby girl and I love you so much.

Happy belated 1st Birthday! I promise I will not be late again.



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