My little crazy Hazey Lou.

Hmm what could I possibly say about myself? This reminds me of all the times I had to tell pledges about myself when they were rushing the sorority I was in. However, things about myself have definitely changed since then. That was over 10 years ago. Holy crap! Ok I’m getting off track. As you’ll eventually notice there are usually about a HUNDRED tabs open in my brain at all times. My mother and husband both yell at me that I don’t finish telling them one thing before starting to tell them about something else. I cannot help this. If I don’t get it out, I won’t remember later! My poor husband gets loads of texts from me and then I except him to respond to each one (but he usually only responds to the very last thing I sent. Grrr.) Ok back to reality again. In June 2016, I was given the best job I have ever had in my entire life…mother or as I call it mommasaurus to my Finasaurus. My son Finley “Fin” is my world. There is no one I love more than him. Yes I love my husband and my parents and my family and my friends. But the love I have for this kid goes above and beyond any other love I have ever had. (*Update: I am now the mommy to a wonderful little girl, Hazel Louise who was born on 7/16/18. She is a chubby, sassy little thing that loves to eat! I cannot wait to have mother/daughter adventures with her.) 

Look how happy he is! Favorite part of going to Disney…riding on the transportation buses. Really kid? That was your favorite part? He loved it!
AHHHH!!!! The Finasaurus attacked!

Besides my job of being a mother (which sometimes I rock and other times I’m seriously the typical hot mess mom) and having the job of kick-ass wife (my husband totally agrees with this because I never ever nag) I do love my real job as well. I’m a teacher, a special education one. I LOVE IT! I could write an entire book about being a teacher and it would be hilarious. Another thing about myself is that I find myself laughing at all the witty things I come up with in my head. Whether or not others find me funny, I think I’m quite a hoot.

I love to cook. Love! I find it relaxing and I love when people eat my cooking. The things I cook are made gluten and dairy free, but I do cook my husband lots of things that aren’t (he loves cheese, a little too much!). I have allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities. And no they’re not all in my head (dad!). If I want a cleanse, all I have to do is eat dairy. (Think about that for a moment.) Not only will I spend my precious time in the bathroom but I will also itch from hives. There are certain nuts I cannot eat, but thank God almonds are not one of those since I have a slight obsession with almond butter. I could eat a whole jar at once. I’m currently working on my baking skills. I tell Fin all the time that once he is older, I’ll have someone to bake for. (My husband points out that I do have someone to bake for now. I look behind him and I reply “who?” He doesn’t appreciate that.) Fin is not gluten free or dairy free. Kid loves yogurt. People ask me all the time if I will “make him” free of those. The answer is: no. While I find it gross that humans do drink cow’s milk. Milk meant for calves. And the fact that we are the only mammals that drink milk passed infancy, I will allow Fin to enjoy what he wants. However, no fast food. That stuff just clogs your arteries. I don’t eat beef, pork, and most fish but I will allow Fin to. Especially because my husband loves all of those things. I do eat poultry, yum. I will be posting my recipes. You can also check out http://fulleritup.blogspot.com/ for all of my older recipes.

I have quite a bit of obsessions. I have friends who think they are borderline unhealthy. I’m obsessed with my dog, Ulysses (middle name Sherman after General William Tecumseh Sherman of the Union Army). I named him after President Ulysses S. Grant. My second favorite president. He is a crazy, hyper dog. But sooooo lovable! (*Update: On 4/3/18 my husband and I adopted another dog and named her Takoda. She is so sweet and never stops wiggling her butt.) 

Look how peacefully he sleeps. This is probably post terrorizing the house.

Another obsession, JFK. In 4th grade we had to do a oral report on anyone. I decided to pick a president. I was going to do Teddy Roosevelt (which is my husband’s favorite president…weird), but I decided to do John F. Kennedy. Well that’s when the obsession began. But as I got older it became worse. I have a picture in my living room of him.

During a trip to Cape Cod for my first wedding anniversary, I cheated on my husband with a statue.

My last obsession….anchors (I  even have an anchor tattoo…where is you wonder?). I do love a lot of other things, they include: tater tots (don’t ask me to share because I won’t), smoothies, my grandmother’s pasta sauce, pizza, reading historical nonfiction, Fin, my family and friends, red wine (Saturday are wine nights), crossfit, walking, day trips, Disney World (been going since I was 3), traveling, the beach, The Little Mermaid, hummus, things on sale, and I’m sure there are a bunch of other things I can’t think of right now.

So I hope you take this journey with me as I try to navigate through my quirky life (where I often feel blindfolded) and either entertain you, inform you, help you, or just give you an excuse to “check your phone”.

Best of friends already!