7 Ways to Find and Meet Mom Friends

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When I became a mom I realized I needed to meet more women who had just became mothers as well. I needed to make friends with these women. Not because I didn’t love my friends already but because I needed to have new friends I could connect with on a different level. That level being turning to someone to talk about the color of our kids poop, being a human milk machine or a toddler’s snack bitch, venting about our husbands, etc. Every so often in one of the Facebook mommy groups I belong to, there would be a mom or two asking if anyone wanted to be their mom friend. I replied a few times to these “ads”. I replied because…Yes, I wanted a mom friend.

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I whip my boobs back and forth

When my son was born my main goal was to be able to provide him breast milk for a full year. I did not want to have to supplement with formula. That was just my own personal goal. I succeeded. I nursed him and pumped for 6 months and then exclusively pumped for another 6 months until he turned 1. I had a lot of reasonings as to why I wanted to do this. Or I should say needed to do this for a year. I can share those at another time. My daughter was born 5 days ago and I have been nursing her. My goal is the same, to do it for 1 year. I did start to pump (shhhh….don’t tell the lactation consultant) because I have to build up a stash for when my mom watches her when I go back to work in September. Also, my husband likes being able to give her a bottle here and there (especially in the middle of the night). 

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No Filter: Some things people say to pregnant women

If you’ve ever been pregnant, I’m sure you have gotten a lot of people saying things all the time to you…whether it was to your face or behind your back. I have had a handful of people make comments to me about my pregnant friends or comments to me being pregnant. I honestly don’t know what gives them the right to even be thinking some of these things. If anyone has ever been pregnant, they know how it feels….especially in the last month. It’s friggen hard! Your hormones are raging, you have bursts or energy…but at the same time you want to sleep for years on end, you basically can’t fit into any of your clothes (well I refused to buy that many maternity clothes and all my regular clothes are xs or s, so that’s my own fault), you feel like a beached whale when you’re sitting on the couch, simple tasks become extraordinary feats, etc.

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Fin Turns 2!

Dear Fin,

I cannot believe you are 2 years old! I remember the day I gave birth to you so clearly. It doesn’t feel like it was 2 years ago. I have realized that in two years you have taught me so much. Every decision I make revolves around how it will affect you because you and your sister are my top priorities. Even the decision of what I’m going to have to eat affects you because no one wants a hangry mommy.  I think every year on your birthday I am going to write you a letter to celebrate you turning another year older. While I cry that my baby is growing up, you smile and laugh because every day you’re learning more and more and exploring your little world. These first two years of your life were so exciting. You learned to walk and you haven’t stopped since. You are always on the go. Your legs may be little but they take you far. You are into coloring, puzzles, and stickers. You can sit for a while and play with them. You love saying your ABCs and counting from 0-10. Every time you see letters or numbers you say them.

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Happy Birthday Old Man!

My husband is one of a kind. This I definitely know. Even though we may not always agree on things or if we do things differently, we fit together pretty perfectly. I honestly fall more in love with him everyday and actually miss when he’s not around. I used to love my alone time (there is no such thing anymore with a little Fin always next to me, haha) but I love when my husband is home.  I want to wish my husband a very happy birthday! You’re 34. Damn boy, you gettin’ old. I’m not that much younger, but I still like to tease him. So to my loving husband, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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My 10 best life achievements so far…

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Yesterday and Monday were two crazy, sort of spontaneous days for me. My husband and I adopted another rescue dog. We had been looking for an English bulldog to adopt, but it wasn’t working out at all. We decided to look into other dog breeds. My dog definitely needed a friend and I think we made the right decision. This had me reflecting on what other things in my life I have done that have made me feel good inside. I wrote down my 10 best life achievements so far and this is what I have come up with….

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Oh I’m sorry, who said you could talk to me?

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One thing I cannot stand more than anything is when strangers make comments or give me “advice” about how I parent. First off, how do I know you even have children? Because if you don’t….back off. You have no right to say one word to me. Also, if you start making comments or giving me advice, you better pull out your PhD certificate in being the world’s best parent, otherwise I’m not listening to you because you probably just obtained have a PhD in bullshit. I’m going to try to keep my bad language to a minimum in this post because otherwise it would be covered all over in it.

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The Funny (but harsh) Things Toddlers Say

I believe that there are two kinds of people that always tell the truth, drunk people and toddlers. When I used to work at a daycare, I was given the cold, harsh truth by some toddlers. I would then ask to use the restroom, give myself a long, hard look in the mirror and try to hold back the tears. Kids say funny things, but when a toddler says it, it’s even funnier because they have just learned to talk. I wonder if they were holding all this word vomit in for the first years of their life when they couldn’t speak. If you think a toddler is secretly judging you, you’re wrong. They aren’t secretly judging you, they are judging you…hard. They are tiny little tornado beasts that destroy everything in their path…toys, clothes, household items, souls…..

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Small white lies moms, wives, and girlfriends tell…


I hate people that lie. I think those that lie about stuff are just not cool. However, there have been times I have had to tell my son (even though he’s technically still a baby) and husband little white lies. I am definitely not the only mom, wife, or girl who has had to do this. I’m pretty sure men do it all the time! I have asked around and here are the craziest and funniest white lies women have told their kids or significant others…..

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Staying in touch with friends who don’t have kids.

Those with children have always told me “Once you have a child, your life changes.” Yes this is true. In my case it changed for the better because I could not imagine my life without my son. He is seriously my favorite person in the world. I’m sure when he is 15 I will think otherwise, but for now he is my favorite. When I was pregnant I was very fortunate to reconnect with good friends that had drifted from my life. What allowed us to reconnect was the fact that we were pregnant at the same time or that they had just had a baby. I have also met some amazing new friends through mom groups and even a mommy app (think tinder for moms).

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