JG Desserts

I wanted to get my mother something different for her birthday this year. I decided to get her a combination of two of her favorite things, the Wizard of Oz and cookies. I ordered these delicious cookies from JG Desserts. My mother 

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Tap into your Qi


Needles? All over my body? What? Most people will not even give acupuncture a thought because of the “needles”. They’re definitely not the needles you get at a doctor’s office when you’re given a shot or have blood drawn. The “needles” used in acupuncture are completely different! They do not hurt. 

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Baby, Kid, Family, Pets, Holiday Photos!

Look at that smile! If you only knew this was after about 45 minutes of him screaming his cute little head off.

My husband and I are not the couple that gets professional photos taken of themselves….ever, really. We did not have engagement photos. However, we did have a photographer at our wedding who did a fabulous job. On our honeymoon one of my best friends bought us a romantic dinner on the beach under the stars with white-gloved service.

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